Return to Musoma & SST Mini-Conference!

Monday April 3, 2023

Yesterday the students safely returned from their respective towns to Musoma! It was a joyous reunion for the students, as many had not seen one another for 5 weeks.

The following day, on Monday, we hosted representatives from each service organization for a conference/celebration. It was an incredible day. Supervisors came from Kemgesi, Mugumu, Shirati, Nyayero, and Musoma…. despite the torrential downpours overnight. We were fortunate to be able to have the event hosted at Lake Victoria Disability Center (LVDC) and we kicked off the day with breakfast.

Students introduced their supervisors, then presented their work with each organization in short 10 minute presentations followed by questions and discussion. We took a break for lunch, which included some informal time to tour some of the LVDC facilities. We culminated the day with a celebratory group picture and distribution of certificates and prints of photos taken during our visits.

The intent of the conference was not only to allow students to present their work, but to facilitate the participating organizations to learn more about one another’s work and to make connections. It was rewarding to see the supervisors exchanging stories (and contact information) as these local connections can not only encourage them to keep doing their important work, but also have the potential to lead to new partnerships and synergies. For example, Denis Maina (director of LVDC) gave several hospital administrators and doctors a tour of their prosthetic lab which spurred further ideas about collaboration.

We are so grateful to the following individuals and their organizations for so warmly welcoming our students and giving them the opportunity to learn alongside their colleagues. Their organizations are making positive impacts in their community, which was inspiring for our students. Thanks to all!


Vi Agroforestry – Musoma

Mr. Felix Assey

Paroma Primary School – Musoma

Mr. Alen Pangani

Lake Victoria Disability Center – Musoma

Mr. Denis Maina

Musoma Water Authority – Musoma

Mr. Winston Agwaro

Nyerere DDH Hospital – Mugumu

Dr. Ediga Saulo

World Changers Vision – Mugumu

Mr. Sulus Samwel

Dr. Omar Ali Juma Secondary School – Kemgesi

Mr. Venance Phoya Adam

Digital Cultural Heritage Project- Kemgesi

Mr. David Maganya

Nyayero Secondary School – Nyayero

Mr. Antony Mirene

TEA – Tanzania Education Association – Shirati

Mr. Gaison Magatti

Shirati Hospital – Shirati

Rev. Agutu Obala

SHED – Shirati

Mr. Nyamusi Magatti