A conversation with Neema Komba

We had the opportunity to meet with author Neema Komba.  She wrote a fascinating story, The Search for Magical Mbuji (which appears in the collection “Safe House” edited by Ellah Wakatama Allfrey).  It deals with themes of family, superstition, and arguing with and respecting tradition.

She was passing through Dar es Salaam, so students had read Magical Mbuji in Goshen and, just 10 hours after landing in Tanzania, were having a discussion with Neema. It was a great way to start SST.  She brought up many themes that will recur throughout the semester and her enthusiasm was contagious.

After some orientation, students fanned out in groups of three to find lunch and explore downtown landmarks.  We had a bit of down time before supper–but no napping, hoping that after a second night of good sleep everyone’s internal clocks will be a lot closer to Tanzania time come tomorrow!

The students did a wonderful job of exploring, gathering first impressions, and getting things across in Swahili–a great start!