Service Visits to the Poste de Sante Keru Yiiw; and Ndem

David, Julie and Tom traveled to the small town of Gorom and took a dirt road for about a kilometer to the nearby clinic where Morgan and Naomi are assisting the medical staff as they receive patients. They live with the women on the staff in dormitories on the campus.  Although they do not have host families, the staff have become their family.

On the grounds are a pharmacy, clinic reception rooms, a lab, and new center that houses a dental office and gynecology/obstetric services.  The team provides care at minimal cost to this rural area.  Many patients walk long distances to get to the clinic and could not afford treatment in many other facilities.

We were greeted by the staff and served delicious home made petite biscuit bites while we talked about the programs offered by the Poste that also include discipleship training, a music camp, and weekly Sunday church services to name a few.  Morgan and Naomi gave us a tour through the grounds and showed us where both are working.  Morgan is assigned to the obstetrics area which is currently staffed by a Swiss mid-wife and who see patients though all stages of pregnancy.  Naomi is assigned to the medical clinic and observes and assists as requested by staff.  Both, also help out in the pharmacy sorting out medications.

Morgan and Naomi were thrilled with the first downpour of the rainy season.  The sky became dark with dust clouds and then the rain started to fall with great force. Naomi decided to simply stand in the rain and enjoy the moment.




Ben and Spencer are living in the village of Ndem.  This community is fairly isolated and is reached by a washboard gravel road that is about 20 kilometers from the nearest town.  It is a hot and mostly dry area.  However, the rains have started!!  They too witnessed the first storm that included torrential rain and a furious dust storm that turned the sky completely black in the middle of the day. The area around Ndem is now slowly turning green and crops are beginning to appear out of what was  barren soil prior to the rains.

Spencer is working in the garden project.  Ndem has an area that is designed to teach people (particularly children) about the environment. In addition to flowers, plants and trees there are animals and birds in a small sanctuary.

Ben has been rotating through the craft shops that support the work of Ndem. He has been cutting cloth that is left over from sewing projects.  Nothing goes to waste in these shops and remainders are used to create new items.  He has been cutting squares of cloth and packaging items that are shipped to Europe and other places in the world.

Our visit concluded with a delightful chebu jen meal under a canopy. Moussa and Fatou are very welcoming to many guests that make their way to Ndem.