Joshua M. Moritz


Joshua M. Moritz, PhD, is Lecturer of Philosophical Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Francisco, and Managing Editor of the journal Theology and Science.

Having earned undergraduate degrees in biology, the Classical languages, and history from Calvin College in Grand Rapids MI, Dr. Moritz went on to pursue graduate studies at Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, PA. He then completed his MA and PhD in philosophical and systematic theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, focusing on the relationship between philosophical theology and the natural sciences.

His primary research areas include the problem of evolutionary evil; human evolution, human nature, non-human hominids and the imago Dei; astrotheology; and theological understandings of non-human animals and animal mentality.

From 2011- 2012 Dr. Moritz was Director of  Considering God’s Works (at Berkeley Covenant Church in Berkeley, CA)–a grant program funded by the John Templeton Foundation’s Scientists in Congregations Initiative and he is currently a research consultant for the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences and John Templeton Foundation initiative: “Scientific and Theological Understandings of Randomness in Nature ”.

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