2014 Conference

Human Uniqueness and the Image of God: Bridging Biology and Theology through the Hebrew Concept of Election.

Dates: March 14-16, 2014 at Goshen College

The conference comprises three lectures by the invited speaker, Joshua Moritz, discussions (limited to registered attendees) and other activities.  Two of the lectures (indicated below with a *) are free and open to the public.


  • Is the Bible Concerned with the Question of Human Uniqueness?
    * 7:30 pm, Friday March 14, College Church Chapel.
  • Has Science Established Human Uniqueness?
    *10:30 am, Saturday March 15, College Church Chapel.
  • Created Equal to the Animals and Yet Uniquely Elected as the Image of God.

Joshua M. Moritz PhD, is Lecturer of Philosophical Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and Managing Editor of the journal Theology and Science. Read bio…

  • 2014 Conference Proceedings: to be published in 2015
  • Press release

Conference Director:
Carl Helrich, Ph.D.,
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Goshen College
email: carlsh@goshen.edu