2017 Electronics & Robotics show

Students in the Electronics class taught by Physics Professor John Buschert demonstrated their robotics and electronics projects. Most of the projects use the popular Arduino microcontroller board, which can be connected to a variety of sensor and can control motors, lights, sounds and other outputs.

The projects included:

  • “Drool Droid” by Annie Steiner and Anja Kenagy: A robot that finds potted plants, checks their soil moisture and waters them if necessary.
  • “Self Balancing Scooter” by Christian Gehman and Nick Walter: A two-wheeled powered scooter that balances on its own.
  • “Range Finder for Blind” by Jordan Haarar, Austin Hooley and Trent Yoder: Sends signals through your finger to indicate distance to objects.
  • “Mind Controlled Robot” by Ryan Haggerty and Alex Steiner: A robot controlled by thought, in which the user wears a forehead electrode.
  • “Interactive Light and Sound” by Spencer Aeschliman and Logan Swartzendruber: Moving hands in relation to this device will control musical notes and dazzling lights.
  • “Laser on the Ball” by Luke Rush and Reed Yoder: A Pixy camera follows the target ball and the Arduino draws a laser box around it.
  • “Robot Collective” by Vitaly Rabchuk and Mikol Aspinwall: Many small robots with sensors engage in collective behavior.
  • “Color Namer” by Esteban Montoya and Oscar Yanez: A machine that can identify colors on various objects.
  • “App Controlled Robot” by Kartikeya Sharma and Patrick Ostrowski: An app on a phone controls a robot via bluetooth.