Electronics & Robotics Show 2019

Students in the Electronics taught by John Buschert, professor of physics, presented their class projects during an Electronics & Robotics show on Dec. 9. Each project used the popular Arduino microcontroller board that is programmed in C, can be connected to a variety of sensors, and can control motors, lights, sounds and other outputs.

The projects included:

  • GC Drone: A tiny drone controlled by hand motions, by Aaron George and Bryce Yoder
  • Range Finder for the Blind: A device that applies pressure to your finger to indicate the distance to objects, by Kevin Mazariegos-Perez
  • Warehouse Bot: A Pixy camera lcoates objects and controls a robot to pick up a ball and move it to a target region atonomously, by Hugh Birky, Ben Good-Elliot and Jehan Wagenaar
  • Self-Balancing Scooter: A two-wheeled powered scooter that balances on its own, by Emma Burton, Joe Harshbarger and James Loewen
  • Soccer Player: A kicking paddle mounted on a rail moves to intercept and kick a ball spotted by a Pixy camera, by Jaime Manresa and Lucas Sauder
  • Turtle Bot: A robot with ultrasonic rangefinders and infrared remote control navigates through obstacles, by Solomon Weibe-Powell and Sebastian Gomez
  • Balancing Stick: A vertical stick observed by a Pixy camera is kept balanced on a moving base, by Ebtihal Mostafa, Salvador Escamilla and Gabrielle Vogeler