2015 Electronics and Robotics Show

Students in the Electronics Class taught by John Ross Buschert spent the last month of the class working on projects using Arduino microcontroller board or Raspberry Pi computer. A Theme for this year’s projects is accessibility. Many projects are attempts to make a device that might be of use to disabled people. 

Projects included:

  • Vibrating Shoe: A pair of shoes for the blind that allow the wearer to feel nearby objects.  by Deeksha Pagar and Emilie Schaeffer
  • Feel the Noise:  This jacket intended for deaf people that vibrates in response to noises around it.  by David Kempf and Peter Miller
  • AutoQuad:  An autonomous hovering quadcopter that can fly on its own and avoid obstacles.  by Isaiah Breckbill, Peter Wise, and Vince Kurtz
  • Heads Up!:  A hat for a blind person that warns them of objects near their head. by Zach Zimmerman and Phil Longenecker
  • Sound of the Raspberry:  A Raspberry Pi boards that harmonize with you.  by Kenan Bitikofer and Matthew Pletcher
  • Range Beeper: A device for the blind that makes a tone to indicate the distance in the direction it is pointed. by Caleb Derstine and Phil Chan
  • Intelligent Car:  A model car that can avoid obstacles and zoom around that hallway.  by Peter Schrock
  • Pixy Me:  A device using a Pixy camera to lead a blind person to a sticker.  by Luke Graber and Crystopher Echavarria