Week 10, March 23-24: Chanchamayo Service Assignments

Chanchamayo, in the rainforest, has become home to Megan, Annelise, Nick, Jess, and Ryan.Nursing students Annelise and Megan learned to give injections to patients at Naranjal health center.
The Naranjal ambulance.
Megan and Annelise assist the medical staff with rural health care in the village of Naranjal. Megan lives in San Ramon with host mom Consuelo and host brother Rodrigo. Annelise lives in La Merced with host parents Adolfo and Rosemary, and their children Esteban and Valery.
At the San Miguel Ashaninka native community, Nick shares a smile with host mom Victoria. In a welcome ceremony for visiting SST students and leaders, Nick gives a speech of appreciation for the community’s hospitality. Nick with host sister Leydi, host mom Victoria and her granddaughter. From his upstairs bedroom, Nick enjoys a view of the San Miguel village, which includes 30 families.
At the ceremony, Jess receives a bracelet from her host mom Ana. Community leader Frank invites Jess to dance. Jess’s speech thanks the San Miguel community for giving her the opportunity to learn about farming.
She sleeps in a two-room bungalow with a mosquito netting around the bed. Ryan thanks the community for their friendship, and especially those who joined him on his daily run.
Ryan wears a traditional cushma for the ceremony.After Ryan’s long morning run, host parents Henry and Irma provide breakfast at their dining table.
Host mom Irma expresses her appreciation for her SST son.