April 8 and 9: Farewell to Peru!

On Sunday afternoon at Kawai retreat center Annelise, Hannah, and Luke gathered their luggage and boarded the bus with the rest of the SST group. At a dinner stop by the ocean in Lima, Suzanna, Hannah, Reena, and Nick added finishing touches to letters of appreciation for local staff members Alicia, Willy and Celia.  At sunset by the restaurant, the group bid farewell to the Peruvian seashore. Gathering around local coordinator Willy, Michaela, Trever, Luke, Leah, Oliver and Suzanna offered words of appreciation for his contribution to their SST experience. Along the way to the airport, Olivia and Ryan presented a letter of appreciation to Celia for her assistance and companionship on SST. Reena, Ryan, Michaela, Roxy and the other group members shared a few last smiles at the Lima airport, and then disappeared into the security area on their way to the boarding gate for their flights to Atlanta and Chicago. 

The students are reported to have arrived safely at their destination, successfully completing their SST Peru Pilgrimage!