Final Week, April 6-8: Retreat At Kawai

After a night of rest in a hostel in Lima, the group traveled south along the coast to the Kawai retreat center.  In Chilca, Annelise, Megan and Luke enjoyed ice cream at one of the many shops along the highway. Kawai offered a quiet space for relaxation, reflection, presentations of student research projects.Ryan’s presentation about the music of the San Miguel Ashaninka community included a performance on the zampoña and a dance led by Jess and Nick, who had also lived in San Miguel.Roxy accompanied on the cajon.Hannah and Leah led spontaneous playtime on the lawn.Trever, Olivia, Megan, Roxy joined the fun.Sunday morning journal time allowed the students to prepare for transitions from Peru pilgrimage to re-entry into the United States.