Cusco: Mara and Maddy

July 17

Cusco, the high Andean city where the group’s journey to Machu Picchu began, is also the service location for two students.  Maria began the visit with the service location of Mara, who is teaching at the private Mennonite school La Promesa.  Mara teaches English classes in the 1st to 5th grades.  Mennonite families we stayed with earlier in Lucre send their children to this school in Cusco.  Later we visited Mara’s home, where she lives with Gloria (a nurse), Mauricio, and their 3 children on one of the hillside communities at the edge of the Cusco valley.

Mara and Maddy actually split their service assignments, Maddy working the first three weeks at the Mennonite school while Mara worked at the office of World Vision.  They switched assignments for the second half of service, so during Maria’s visit Maddy was now working at World Vision.   They have a well-known child sponsorship program, which includes sponsors sending letters in English to sponsored children in the Cusco area.  Each day Maddie translates those letters – lots of those letters – from English to Spanish.   After work Maria went to Maddy’s home and met her parents.   They often work with Mennonite missionaries in Peru and have a wood-working shop in their home.

[Pictures courtesy of Isaiah Friesen.]

[Maria returned from the last service visit yesterday, after some unexpected delays.  With the pictures she brought back we will post the rest of the service visit pictures tonight.]