Chalhuanca and Caraybamba: Connor and Hans.

July 19-21.

These two towns are reached by a 14-hour overnight bus ride from Lima through the Andes mountains.  Chalhuanca, the larger of the towns, is the service home of Connor.  Connor split his service work between teaching English at a local school and working in a medical laboratory at the local hospital.  However, a nationwide teacher’s strike in July meant that he didn’t get to teach English during his last weeks of service.  A 30-minute taxi ride from Chalhuanca is Caraybamba, a small Quechua village with the distinction of being surrounded by an extensive network of some of the oldest terraces (pre-Incan) in Peru.  Hans does his service assignment here, working with his family in their farming plot as well as teaching English at the local school.

[Some photos supplied by Connor and Hans.]