July 29-31.

Students returned to Casa Goshen Saturday morning after spending the night at the homes of their Lima host families, sharing with them their experiences from the last 6 weeks on service.  Then we all boarded a bus for a retreat center at the edge of Lima where we spent 3 days together, enjoying each other’s company, catching up on the tremendous amount of experiences from service, listening to student presentations on their SST research projects and village studies, and eating together.  On the last day we talked about returning to the U.S., reverse culture shock, and how to sell our SST experiences in job searches and resumes.  After an early supper we loaded onto the bus for our last ride in Peru, heading to the airport for a 1 a.m. flight to the U.S.  At the airport we took one last group picture, in the same place and in the same positions as in early May when everyone got off the plane, eager and anxious about what the next 3 months would hold.