Half-way Point

[student journal, posted with permission]

Since Friday (6/11) marks the half-way point, for this journal, I’ve decided to do a review of the first half by making a list of ten ways I have changed, in the past six weeks.1. I look forward to eating gallo pinto and sour cheese.  To my surprise, this typical evening (and often breakfast) meal has grown on me. I like it better now than I even did at the beginning.

2. I get sleepy around 9 pm.  At school, 9 pm – midnight were prime homework and socializing hours, but now if I stay up past 10 pm, it’s past my bedtime.

3. I am more afraid of insects.  At home, I didn’t have to face off with the little beasts, but here a conflict or two a day with a cockroach or beetle is common.  And frightening.

4.  I eat much larger breakfasts and smaller suppers.

5. I have become much more confident in speaking Spanish.  Stringing together a coherent sentence with correct word order & verb conjugation can feel so good sometimes.

6. I am more aware of how disabled a person is when they cannot verbally share thoughts or ideas.  I hope this makes me a more empathetic person.

7. I have gotten to know a family in Nicaragua that lots of times, feels like my family.

8. I love my family and friends at home more after realizing how much I can miss them.

9. I have more self-confidence all around, but especially in being independent and making conversation with strangers.

10. I’m able to live without hot water–but I miss it all the more.