October 2019

Contents of Volume XCIII
October 2019 Number Four

In This Issue

Let us “also work with our hands, so that the Lord’s work may be Furthered”: A Disruptive Ecclesial Economy at Kafumba, 1922-1943
    Anicka Fast

Rein Willink’s Rescue Expedition to Molochna: Between Reconstruction and Emigration – Dutch Aid to the Ukraine, 1922-1929
    Ad van de Staaij (trans. Lydia Penner)

The Travel Costs of Mennonite Immigration from Russia to Manitoba in the 1870s
    Ernest N. Braun and James Urry

Memories from the Margins? Anniversaries, Anabaptists, and Rethinking Reformations
    Katherine Hill

Daring! The Anabaptist Movement, 1525-2025
    Astrid von Schlachta, et al. (trans. Leonard Gross)

“Power and Preservation: Enabling Access to the Sources Behind our Stories”:  Affirmations and Commitments

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Weaver, Dorothy Jean. The Irony of Power: The Politics of God within Matthew’s Narrative.
Reviewed by Gordon Zerbe

Müller, Thomas T., ed. Umstrittene Empörung: zur Gewaltfrage in der frühen Reformation. Hans-Jürgen Goertz zum 80. Geburtstag.
Reviewed by Geoffrey Dipple

Sensenig, Peter. Peace Clan: Mennonite Peacemaking in Somalia.
Reviewed by Roy Hange

Friedmann, Robert. Design for Living: Regard, Concern, Service, and Love.
Reviewed by Justin Heinzekehr

Kennel, Denis. De l’esprit au salut: Une anthropologie anabaptiste.
Reviewed by Jamie Pitts

Davis, Todd. Native Species.
Reviewed by Esther Stenson