January 2013 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume LXXXVII
January 2013 Number One

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor

  • In Memoriam: Paul Peachey, 1918-2012
    Sunday Morning Confession
    Julia Spicher Kasdorf
  • Homelands, Identity Politics, and the Trace: What Remains for the Mennonite Reader?
    Hildi Froese Tiessen
  • The Self in Mennonite Garb, or, Where Does the Writing Come From?
    Ann Hostetler
  • Searching for Intruders Revisited
    Ervin Beck
  • Constructing the Moviegoer in John Rempel’s Arena and Miriam Toews’s Irma Voth
    Paul Tiessen
  • The Minimalist Realist Lyric: On William Stafford’s “Allegiances”
    Jesse Nathen
  • Byzantium North: Some Contextual Notes on Rudy Wiebe’s Collected Stories
    John J. Fisher
  • Tributes: Ervin Beck; Omar Eby; Al Reimer; Elaine Sommers Rich; Katie Funk Wiebe

Book Reviews

Read book reviews

  • Haile, Ahmed Ali. Teatime in Mogadishu: My Journey as a Peace Ambassador in the World of Islam.
    Reviewed by Jan Bender Shetler
  • Trollinger, Susan L. Selling the Amish: The Tourism of Nostalgia.
    Reviewed by Cory Anderson
  • Gregory, Brad S. The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society.
    Reviewed by James M. Stayer
  • Weaver, Lisa, Julie Kauffman, and Judith Rempel Smucker. On the Zwieback Trail: A Russian Mennonite Alphabet of Stories, Recipes and Historic Events.
    Reviewed by Kathy Meyer Reimer
  • Krabill, James R. and Stuart Murray, eds. Forming Christian Habits in Post-Christendom: The Legacy of Alan and Eleanor Kreider.
    Reviewed by Alice Metzler Roth
  • Brubacher Kaethler, Andy and Bob Yoder, eds. Youth Ministry at a Crossroads: Tending to the Faith Formation of Mennonite Youth.
    Reviewed by Thomas E. Bergler
  • Dula Peter. Cavell, Companionship, and Christian Theology.
    Reviewed by David Driedger
  • McDermond, J. E. 1, 2, 3 John. Believers Church Bible Commentary.
    Reviewed by Laura L. Brenneman
  • Friesen, Philip E. The Old Testament Roots of Nonviolence: Abraham’s Personal Faith, Moses’ Social Vision, Jesus’ Fulfillment, and God’s Work Today.
    Reviewed by Ben C. Ollenburger

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