Feeling at Home…with rice! (by Aiden Schloneger)

In Philly, I stayed with Hendy and Marina and their three kids Judah (middle) , Levi (left), and Asher (right). Staying with Indonesian host families was a great opportunity to practice our bahasa and learn more about Indonesian culture before heading to Indonesia. This photo in particular was taken the last day I was staying in their home, right after a delicious dinner of grilled fish. Food in Indonesian culture is much different than american food, but in my opinion it is much better. While it’s being cooked, it fills the house with delicious, intoxicating scents. Every meal we ate was prepared with nasi (rice). Nasi is very important in Indonesian culture and has to be eaten every meal. This is because in a hot climate like Indonesia, it is essential to have something very filling like nasi. In fact, if nasi isn’t served at a meal, it’s seen as only a snack! It was very emotional to say goodbye, but I was assured that this is only the beginning of my relationship with Hendy and Marina’s family. I will forever be grateful for their hospitality, kindness, and making me feel at home from day one.