Batik bringing together a family in Philly (by Connor Wyse)

This is a photo of Ben and I with our host parents Pak David and Ibu Eva at the 17 anniversary of PPC (Philadelphia Praise Center). On this day we attended church with our host parents to celebrate the 17th anniversary and to celebrate pak David and ibu Eva who were actually some of the founding members of PPC. In the photo Ben and I wore batik that was gifted to us by our host parents, something I did not expect to receive at all, so I was very grateful for it. Our host parents may not have expected to see us wear it so soon as Pak David exclaimed to me in a surprised voice in the morning, “you are wearing your batik, me too.” We then were complemented many times at church for our batik. Everyone loved it, and wanted to take pictures with us. Pak David and Ibu Eva, I think noticed this and loved it. It seemed like a proud parent moment for them. The very next day they gave us another gift of more batik. I think this was a growing point in our relationship as we became more than just the kids living in their house and more like a family.