John Ross Buschert

Professor of Physics

John Ross Buschert


  • BA, Goshen College, 1981
  • MS, Purdue University West Lafayette, 1985
  • PHD, Purdue University West Lafayette, 1989

Electronics Class


Second Day

General Physics I and II – PHYS 203-204 
A calculus and vector treatment of basic physics including mechanics, sound, electricity, magnetism and light. Required of physics majors and recommended for majors in the physical sciences. Lectures and laboratory. Syllabus 1 and Syllabus 2
Electronics – PHYS 304 
Introduction to analog and digital electronics and robotics. The focus is on design and construction of practical circuitry which can be used to build useful devices. After the analog and digital groundwork is laid, students learn to program microcontrollers to interface with a variety of sensors and outputs on mobile robotic platforms. Weekly laboratories culminate in individual projects presented in the biannual electronics show. Lectures and laboratory. Syllabus
 Optics and Holography – PHYS 305
Electromagnetic theory, geometrical optics, interference and diffraction, and other principles provide the framework for understanding a variety of optical instruments and experiments. Laboratories include various types of interferometry, laser beam filtering and profiling, several types of holography and culminate in individual projects. Lectures and laboratory. Syllabus
Modern Physics – PHYS 210 
An introduction to the basis of modern physics. Special relativity, experimental origins of the quantum theory, elementary particle physics, and cosmology. Syllabus
Physics of Music – PHYS 240 
A study of the physics of a variety of musical instruments including the voice, the physical origins of musical scales and temperaments, perception effects in the ear and brain and room acoustics. Many class sessions will be laboratory experiences and each student will do a major project. Syllabus
Directed independent study of engineering statics for students intending to continue in engineering.  
Research Seminar – PHYS 101 
An introduction to the department and to physics and engineering as careers. Presentations by faculty and students of research, introduction to the scientific literature and scientific writing, individual research on a chosen topic.
Descriptive Astronomy – PHYS 154 
An introduction to astronomy including the study of the solar system, stars and stellar development, galaxies and cosmology. Laboratory experience will include astronomical observation and measurement. Syllabus

X-ray Crystallography