Mindo on My Mind…

Mindo, a small town located about 2 hours from Quito, is tucked in the middle of green luscious mountains and singing rivers. Because of its biodiversity, beautiful views, and environmental projects, Mindo has become a great ecotourist attraction. The locals welcome visitors and the revenue they bring, the challenge is to accommodate them and, at the same time, preserve the nature they so eagerly seek. SST students went on a hike around the Waterfalls Sanctuary. Its trail head can be accessed via cable car, but for those more impatient and ready to go, the hike can start from the main road that comes from downtown Mindo.

The view from our hotel in Mindo was quite nice.

Upon our arrival, some took the highroad —or rather the high cart— by riding the cable cart to get to the staring point of the Waterfall Sanctuary’s hiking trails.

The rough terrain gives way to amazing views, beautiful water fall and natural pools.

After a hard day of going up and down the water fall trails, we stopped at a Venezuelan eatery for some fine arepas al fresco.

Not quite the arepa place, but an interesting sign: “There isn’t a more sincere love, than the love for food”

On Friday, we met Klever Tello, not to be confused with Klever Guevara —our local coordinator— to learn about what the Mindo community Parrish, its local government, is doing to restore nature, adapt to climate change, and educate the public. Tello invited us to plant fruit trees on a lot that used to be a parking lot. The trees would help retain water, attract pollinators, produce fruit, and keep the land from eroding any further. Everyone got into it.

Here is the group and Klever Tello, not to be confused with the other Klever, getting us started on the fruit tree planting.

As the group went on several adventures, professor doctor Garza González took a pleasant, yet energetic stroll through the hotel’s facilities and he found them very accommodating.

We also went to Klever’s own coffee farm, but those images will be processed later this week. Keep looking.