Casa museo Guayasamin and Capilla del hombre

Oswaldo Guayasamin (1919-1999) is considered one of the most important visual artists of the 20th century, not only in Ecuador or Latin America, but in the world. His work is visually vibrant, emotionally compelling, and politically engaged. He depicted scenes of pain, love, violence, and hope; he organized his work in eras. The Era of Anger denounces violence agains those who suffer the most in war, colonial enterprises, or under the rule of dehumanized capitalism. The Era of Tenderness focuses on human contact, love, healing, and physical touch, particularly inspired by mother-child relations. Learning about his work, one focuses on the ideas and emotions expressed through his art; being in the spaces where he lived, worked, and welcomed loved friends fills the body and soul with awe and the realization that he was and still is a giant.

Our students enjoyed time with his works and the pre-Hispanic and Colonial art he collected. They engaged with Guayasamin’s art, ideas, and processes.

Students were advised to engage in self-reflection while at the Casa Museo. They took the reflection part TOO literally.

We found these in last summer’s file…

“Not a saint, not an angel”, 2024, Mixed media —Anonymous.

…the question was “Why not?”

“Guayasamín gives me wings!!”