History, Churches, and Reflection

As the first full week of classes wrapped up this past Friday, students headed home to spend the weekend with their families.  They had the unique opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day with their new host mothers, and the chance to celebrate the scope of motherhood around the globe.

The first week of class included an intensive immersion in Spanish both in class and at home with their families.  Students also were given a glimpse into the complex history of Ecuador which includes many unique indigenous groups, conquests by first the Inca and later the Spanish, and finally a challenging period of democratic growing pains.  Interspersed through all this is the history of religion, both indigenous religions and the more recent influence of catholic and evangelical churches.

As is common, students experienced sudden surges of emotion while grappling with adaptation to so much newness.  They reflected on their privilege as North Americans, as well as the realization that countries like Ecuador have an incredible breadth of economic levels among their populous.  As we walk through these days together, it is always a comfort to gather together and reflect on our experiences.  Shared human experiences, both joys and struggles, are a uniquely special part of our life’s journey.