Arrival to Service Placements

After completing 20 days in Tena we got the green light and made a move to Service this past Saturday. Yay! Some students were joking that instead of Study-Service Term SST (which is named for the two significant halves of the term) we should now call our semester Study-Tena-Service Term STST to include our interlude in Tena!

We’re happy to report that all students made it safely to their designated communities and spent the weekend adapting to their new surroundings and connecting with their new host families. The second half of our term living and working outside of Quito is now a bit shorter than we were anticipating, but students will still have the month of July to be at their service internship placements which we hope still facilitates a meaningful and enriching experience. Monday morning students had their first day at their service internships with our various partner organizations around the country.