About CIIE

From its central offices on campus in the Goshen College Union Building, the CIIE meets the educational needs of a wide range of students with specialized resources focusing on intercultural and international education and service to our community, nation and world. The CIIE offers:

International education

Study-Service Term (SST) is an experiential program that immerses students in a culture significantly different from North America. The 13-week program emphasizes study and language instruction and volunteer service. Since 1968, about 8,000 Goshen College students and 150 faculty leaders have lived and served in 24 countries, the vast majority in the global south. Through the Latino Studies SST, students also can study, serve and be immersed in the local Latino culture for a semester in the Midwest.

Diverse student support

Staff members provide networks of support for African-, Latino-, Asian-, Native-American (ALANA) students, as well as international students. These networks begin with a summer bridge program, followed by orientation sessions, leadership programs and continue to graduation with our senior success seminars. Our goals: to help students achieve academic excellence while honoring family structures and cultural values.

Graduate degree in Intercultural Leadership

CIIE offers a Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership (MAIL) to meet the need for leaders in the diverse world of the 21st century. Professionals in business, education and nonprofit sectors can develop the knowledge, skills and capacity to engage multiple cultural contexts and appreciate diversity. The 18-month program is affordable and flexible, allowing students to complete this program while they are working.


The Institute for Latino Educational Achievement (ILEA) focuses on better understanding the unique role cultural distinctions play in students’ educational achievement through research. ILEA investigates three keys areas: cultural context and demographics; higher education experiences of Latino students at Goshen College; and the process of institutional transformation to support intercultural teaching and learning. Findings are broadly shared and help improve intercultural programs, develop innovative curriculum and enable educators to lead in intercultural teaching and learning.

Community outreach and education

Working with a board range of campus offices, Community Outreach and Education designs and implements programs that introduce students and families to opportunities for admission, financial aid, scholarships, academic success and multicultural experiences at Goshen College. Its responsibilities include working with Latino students and families, school counselors, community organizations and churches. Community Outreach and Education staff also serve as the community liaison and identity host families and service placements for Latino Studies SST.