Chengdu scavenger hunt

Continuing with activities from our first weekend: After Saturday’s lunch, we headed back to Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu. There we met up with Chinese students and divided into four teams . We spent the next five-six hours with our Chinese hosts. Hopping on and off buses, walking streets broad and narrow, we sought out everything from bags of millet in a pet market, homemade candy, KTV (karaoke) establishments, flower markets, statues of historic persons (Mao was easy, Confucius also not bad, the poet Du Fu a bit harder). As we were observing Chengdu, Chengdu was also observing us. One group of young school children was especially happy for the chance to meet up with our students on the street. Teams each ate supper together somewhere along the way and then returned to the hostel. There, Judge Jeanette H. wisely evaluated each team’s success in a number of categories and distributed appropriate awards.
Note: We are still lacking images from one of the teams—these will be posted if/when they become available.