Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is attendance counted?
  • Who is in charge?
  • What are behavior expectations?
  • Why is attendance required?
  • Who is required to attend?
  • How many attendances are required?
  • If I have questions about convocation attendance, where should I go?
  • What happens if I don’t attend enough convocations or chapels?
  • How do I propose a Wednesday convocation idea?

How is attendance counted?

For Wednesday chapels and convos, present your Goshen College I.D. card at the door when you exit the sanctuary.   Scanning will take place before other events such as evening lectures that count for convo credit, so come early to allow time for this.

Who is in charge?

GC Core Director Beverly Lapp and Campus Pastor Bob Yoder coordinate convocation and chapel events, respectively. They welcome your suggestions and proposals at any time.

What are behavior expectations?

We encourage the same student behavior that professors expect in class. Honesty and respect should shape all that we do. Arrive promptly. Turn off all electronic devices. Give your attention to the speaker or performer. Be aware of how your behavior affects other students and faculty members in the room. Leave only after you are dismissed.

Why is attendance required?

Convocation attendance is part of the Goshen Core requirement; attendance is required at convocation just as it is for Goshen Core classes. Chapel attendance may be substituted for convocation attendance if you wish.

Who is required to attend?

Full-time students are required to attend a set number of the scheduled convocation or chapel events. Part-time students are encouraged to participate as possible. Students who have dependent children in the home, fifth-year seniors, and students living off-campus whose first class on Wednesday begins at12:00 noon or later may be exempted from attendance. However, these exemptions must be requested in person at the registrar’s office (AD 14) at the beginning of each semester. Students with other reasons for a reduced requirement, such as an internship or clinical requirement, should contact the registrar’s office. Exceptions cannot be made for work schedules or occasional field trips.

How many attendances are required?

Twelve are required each semester. Each semester, a schedule of 10 a.m. Wednesday events and selected evening convocation events is available in the online campus calendar, posted on campus bulletin boards, and also sent to students via email.

If I have questions about convocation attendance requirements, where should I go?

The registrar’s office handles all attendance matters. If you have a question about whether or not your attendance was counted, talk to Sonia Williams in the registrar’s office. If you are in an educational activity that regularly conflicts with convocation/chapel, you must have your instructor send the details to the registrar ( They will inform you of revised attendance requirements for the semester. Field trips and other occasional conflicts that involve only one convocation/chapel day per week will not alter your attendance requirements.

What happens if I don’t attend enough convocation events?

Convocation attendance is a Goshen Core graduation requirement, so deficits must be made up before diplomas can be issued or transcripts released. You must negotiate make-up activities with the convocation coordinator. Options for making up attendance deficits include 1) attending extra events in subsequent semesters or, if the deficit is too large, 2) writing an essay or 3) taking an extra Goshen Core class. Essay instructions and guidelines for selecting an extra Goshen Core class are available from the registrar (

How do I propose a Wednesday convocation idea?

Please fill out this Convocation Proposal form.