Attendance Requirement


Students are required to attend about half of the convocation and chapel events each term. This is a Goshen Core graduation requirement at Goshen College.

Exemptions may be requested in person in the registrar’s office (AD 14) for students who are parents of dependent children, fifth-year seniors, or commuting students who do not have a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class before noon.

Students who have internship hours that conflict with the convo/chapel schedule must ask their supervising professor to contact the registrar directly to request a reduction or exemption. See the Frequently Asked Questions link for more information.

Attendance Record

You can log in to GCOnline to check your attendance. If you believe this number is in error, contact the registrar’s office (

If you have a deficit from previous terms, you can erase it by attending more than the required number of events in future terms. If your deficit is too large to overcome in this way, please contact the registrar ( to discuss your options.

See the chapel/convo Frequently Asked Questions link for more information.