Special academic programs

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center supports and monitors all students admitted with an academic plan or placed on academic probation. In addition, the ASC assists students with documented disabilities by helping them advocate for themselves and by helping coordinate reasonable academic accommodations with teaching faculty. The ASC trains peer writing mentors and tutors who are available to help all students grow as writers and scholars. ASC offices are located in the first floor of Good Library.

Alerts system

The Student Life office coordinates an alerts system to identify and provide timely services to students who are experiencing problems that impact their academic performance.

Adult and Non-traditional programs

Goshen College offers several programs for adult non-residential students. See the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies section of this catalog for details.

Center for Intercultural and International Education

The Center for Intercultural and International Education, known as CIIE, is home to offices for International Education, Diverse Student Support, the Institute for Intercultural Leadership, and a graduate program in Intercultural Leadership.

For information about International Education, see the separate section of this catalog or the website at www.goshen.edu/sst.

The office of Diverse Student Support plans special events such as the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Study Day and the celebration of heritage months. Faculty advisors provide academic, social and personal support for multicultural students on campus. The Black Student Union, Latino Student Union, International Students Club and intercultural mentors encourage underrepresented students to negotiate the college experience, become involved in campus activities and develop leadership skills.

For information about the Institute for Intercultural Leadership and the graduate program in Intercultural Leadership, see the website at goshen.edu/ciie.

Honors opportunities

The academic ethos at Goshen College is rigorous and engaging. Requirements for the Dean’s List and the Latin Honors system for graduates are described in the Academic policies section of the catalog. Two special honors opportunities are described below.

Academic Symposium

An annual Academic Symposium features exemplary student research and writing. The symposium brings together students and faculty members involved in original research and scholarly activity from all disciplines. A selection of papers representing the quality of student research at Goshen College is published on the Academic Symposium web site: goshen.edu/honors/academic-research-symposium.

Maple Scholars

Each summer the Maple Scholars program supports numerous student-faculty research partnerships. Maple Scholars is an eight-week program that gives students the opportunity to participate in independent research alongside Goshen College faculty members of various disciplines. Each scholar is paired with a faculty member who works with and supervises individuals to help carry out their work. Students who are selected as Maple Scholars live in campus housing and receive a stipend. See goshen.edu/maplescholars for more details.

Professional and pre-professional programs

Undergraduate professional programs at Goshen College

Three undergraduate professional programs are offered at Goshen College: education (elementary and secondary), nursing and social work. Accounting and sign language interpreting majors offer a full-time semester-long internship. In addition, other majors such as business, broadcasting, communication,  film production, journalism, public relations, and informatics offer extensive opportunities for internships and professional preparation. Details about these programs are in the academic programs section of the catalog.

Teacher certification programs

The teacher education programs below lead to certification in Indiana. Many states have reciprocal certification agreements.

  • American Sign Language education (P-12)
  • Business education (5-12)
  • Elementary education (K-6)
  • Elementary education/Exceptional Needs: Mild Intervention (K-6)
  • Elementary education/English Learners (K-6)
  • English/Language Arts education (5-12)
  • English Language Learners (ELL) education (P-12)
  • Journalism education (5-12)
  • Mathematics education (5-12)
  • Music education (5-12 or P-12)
    Vocal and/or Instrumental and General
  • Physical education (5-12 or P-12)
  • Physical education and Health (5-12 or P-12)
  • Science education (5-12):
    Chemistry, Life Sciences, Physics, Life Sciences & Chemistry, or Physical Sciences
  • Social Studies education (5-12)
    Geographical and historical perspectives, Government and citizenship
  • Spanish education (5-12)
  • Theater Arts education (5-12)
  • Visual Arts education (5-12 or P-12)

Professional undergraduate program completed at another university


Goshen College offers a two degree, or 3-2, engineering program resulting in a B.A. in physics, chemistry or computer science from Goshen and a B.S. in engineering from a major university with an accredited engineering program. Goshen College has articulation agreements with University of Notre Dame and Case Western Reserve University. The student spends the first three years at Goshen and the final two years at the university. Engineering specialties available at University of Notre Dame are; mechanical, civil, environmental, electrical, computer, chemical, and aerospace. For details and requirements, see the engineering physics major the physics department web site at goshen.edu/physics.

Pre-professional programs that require a graduate degree

Pre-health sciences

Goshen College provides excellent pre-professional preparation for students interested in medicine, veterinary science, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, and physician’s assistant programs. Since course sequencing is important, any student interested in these programs should consult the pre-medical advisor or other faculty advisors in the biology, chemistry or kinesiology departments about course selection and the graduate school application process. The major in molecular biology/biochemistry provides a strong foundation for careers in medicine and related fields. The major in exercise science is good preparation for careers in physical or occupational therapy.


Law schools want students who can think, read, write and speak well and who have some understanding of public policy and human experience. Minors in pre-law and political studies are described in this catalog. The history major also includes a law concentration option; however, no specific major is required for law school admission. Other major choices for pre-law students could include communication; English; peace, justice and conflict studies; psychology; or social work. Materials for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and information about law schools and pre-law internships are available from history department advisors.


Goshen College has a close historical relationship with Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS), Elkhart, Ind.; however, Goshen graduates attend a variety of seminaries for theological study or preparation for ministry. Students anticipating seminary study are counseled to complete a B.A. degree with a major in Bible and religion, English, history, sociology or psychology. They are also encouraged to complete a minor in theological studies and Christian ministries, serve as a Ministry Leader on campus, attend the annual spring vocation banquet at AMBS, and participate in a summer Ministry Inquiry Program internship in a congregation.

Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center

Owned and operated by Goshen College, the Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center is a nature sanctuary located near Wolf Lake, Indiana. Most of the habitats found in northeastern Indiana are present in the 1,189 acres of Merry Lea. Unique geological features such as peat bogs, a marl pit, and glacial gravel formations are present. Management practices include wetland, prairie, and savanna restorations, as well as sustainable agriculture. Management of the center is guided by a Christian theology of earthkeeping. Opportunities are available for field research in natural sciences as well as teaching internships in outdoor education. More than 6,000 K-12 children each year are guests at Merry Lea. Facilities include an environmental-education building, a Farmstead, and Rieth Village, a set of “green” collegiate laboratory/residence buildings. Rieth Village received a Platinum award, the highest level possible, from the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system. Merry Lea offers undergraduate courses in environmental science and sustainability and a master’s degree program in environmental education. See merrylea.goshen.edu for more information.

Goshen College Music Center

The Goshen College Music Center is a beautiful award-winning facility with excellent acoustics. The Music Center contains the 1,000-seat Sauder Concert Hall, 300-seat Rieth Recital Hall, rehearsal rooms, classrooms, practice rooms, and offices. The Hershberger Art Gallery features rotating exhibits by guest artists, faculty and students. The Music Center hosts a popular annual Performing Arts Series with world-class performers as well as dozens of other concerts. The Community School of the Arts, based in the Music Center, offers piano lessons, Suzuki string lessons, children’s choirs, and the Music Together program for parents and pre-school children to more than 300 families. String orchestra opportunities are also offered for home-schooled students and older adults. More information is available at gcmusiccenter.org.

Off-campus May-term courses

Each May-term, marine biology courses are offered at Goshen College’s marine biology facility on Long Key in Florida. Most other courses in the list below are offered every two years; some are special one-time courses. The off-campus May term courses offered by Goshen College in the past several years were:

  • The Arts in London
  • Biology of the Sea (Florida)
  • Marine Biology (Florida)
  • Entomology (Merry Lea)
  • Ornithology (Merry Lea)
  • Field Experience in Environmental Biology (Merry Lea)
  • Business in China (or Spain)
  • Ecology & Economics in Ecuador
  • History of the Southwest (Native Am. studies on location)
  • Camping and Recreation
  • Journeys of Paul (Greece and Rome)
  • Public Relations in Kenya
  • Mennonites in Paraguay
  • Spain and Morocco
  • Sustainability in India
  • Nursing in Nepal
  • Study & Sports in Nicaragua

Other off-campus programs

In addition to Goshen College SST and May-term courses, many other possibilities for off-campus study exist in cooperation with other colleges and universities. (See list below.) For information about registering for any of these programs, contact the associate dean and director of international education. Special off-campus program registration forms are available in the SST and registrar’s offices.

Financial policies for off-campus programs

Special arrangements make it possible for students to register for Goshen College credit while participating in the programs below. However, since tuition and fees are collected and passed on to the other agencies or colleges, sources of student financial aid and scholarships while enrolled in these programs are nearly always limited to outside funding such as Pell grants, state grants, non-Goshen College scholarships and Stafford Loans.

Goshen College tuition discounts, scholarships and direct financial aid can be used only when a sponsored program is required for a student’s major and those requirements cannot be fulfilled without the sponsored off-campus experience (Spanish major, e.g.). For Goshen College financial aid to apply to required off-campus study, an application must be submitted and the major must be declared by spring advising days prior to the year of off-campus study.

To obtain information on financial aid, contact the student financial aid office. Academic credits earned in these sponsored off-campus programs are considered residential credits. However, these are not Goshen College programs. Therefore, May-term fees are charged for students who were off-campus in one of these affiliated programs during fall or spring semester.

Off-campus programs affiliated with Goshen College

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies offers summer programs in Mancelona, Mich., and other locations. Contact the environmental science director for more information or see ausable.org.
BCA (Bridge/Connect/Act) offers academic-year and half-year programs in Europe, Asia and South America. Contact Spanish professors for more information or see bcanet.org.
CEA offers semester and summer study abroad programs in twelve countries in Europe, Latin America, China and South Africa. See ceastudyabroad.com.
Central American Study and Service (CASAS) in Guatemala offers semester or summer programs in Spanish and Central American studies. See semilla.org.gt/casas for more information.
Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture offers semester and summer programs in Soc 302, Urban Diversity, social work field placements, and many internship possibilities. Because of special financial arrangements with this program, students who spend the fall or spring semester at Chicago Center are not charged extra for May term tuition at Goshen. See chicagocenter.org for more information.
Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) offers various semester and summer programs. Participation in the Los Angeles Film Studies Center is required for film production majors and theater majors who elect a film studies concentration.
Council on International Education Exchange offers many academic-year and half-year programs in Europe, Asia and Latin America. See ciee.org for more information.
Lithuania Christian College has summer and semester study opportunities. See lcc.lt/home/study-abroad for more information.
Oregon Extension, in an old logging camp, offers an interdisciplinary fall semester for students from Christian colleges. Contact oregonextension.org for more information.
Washington Community Scholars Center, sponsored by Eastern Mennonite University, has semester, year-long or spring/summer programs available in Washington, D.C. Includes significant internship experience and course work at a nearby university. See emu.edu/wcsc for more information.