Services Offered by the Career Services Office

For all GC employees

Hiring student workers

Our web site contains numerous resources to assist you in hiring student employees including a sample application form, the student employee manual, and an evaluation form. Click here to access these resources.

For teaching faculty

Class presentations

We can conduct presentations to the classes you teach and the student organizations you advise about a host of career-related topics, such as résumé writing, job search strategies, and interviewing skills. In addition, we can arrange presentations by professionals (many of them alumni), who can relate their experiences and how their major has helped them in their careers.

Connecting you with resources

Career services can help faculty members connect to human and organizational resources. Whether you’re looking for ideas for a Senior Seminar or sample résumés for a writing project, contact Dan Koop Liechty, Director of Alumni and Career Networks, to explore resource options.

We know employers who want to know you

Our office works directly with employers, who often ask for the contact information of faculty members who could help them identify qualified candidates. Ideally, employers would like to develop mutually beneficial relationships with faculty. We help facilitate that connection.


We can send you opportunities specific to your department and share with you the “best practices” of other departments on campus. If there is a particular organization a student would like to intern with, we can assist that organization in the creation of an internship program.

Need some professional forms for your department’s internship program? Sample evaluations (student and organization), memo of agreement, student release, and learning goal forms are available on the Offices drive in the Career Services folder.

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Services offered to students

We encourage you to become familiar with the services we offer and refer students to us when appropriate. Almost all services are free to GC students and alumni.

Career counseling

Career counseling can involve many things from helping a student select their academic major to assisting her/him choose between employment and full-time service after graduation. Interest assessments can also be administered during these sessions.

Help finding job, internship, & service opportunities

In addition to the GC job & internship bank, we have contacts with many organizations offering employment and service opportunities. The Career Services office also maintains a database of previous internship sites for each academic department.

Interview preparation

Hone your interviewing skills during Super Tuesday, held each semester. Students conduct a practice interview with human resource managers and receive feedback from the professionals who interview for a living. Students can also schedule an interview with Anita Yoder to practice answering interview questions.

Résumé & cover letters reviews

The director of Career Services is available to assist students in creating or fine-tuning a résumé or cover letter.

Workshops & seminars

Workshops are offered to all students throughout the year. Topics include writing your first résumé, interviewing, networking, and money management.

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