Co-curricular Record

The co-curricular record is an online documentation tool designed to help you record your non-academic activities. Employers and graduate schools seek evidence of a broad education, both inside and outside the classroom, such as leadership, volunteerism and campus involvement.

The co-curricular record will greatly enhance your ability to convey those outside the classroom activities that contributed to your education, professional development, and readiness for the work force and grad school. In addition, your co-curricular record will be a great resource for writing resumes, online profiles and presentation portfolios as well as offer interview examples. When updated consistently, it can help you:

  • Identify strengths and enhance marketable skills
  • Document professional experience and activities
  • Learn how to convey your value to employers and graduate schools.

Getting Started

You can access your co-curricular record from as part of your eportfolio. Log in with your GC username and password and click on the content tab, then co-curriculars tab, then add new record. Give your activity a title and then briefly describe what you did.

You are responsible to self-report your activities, although there are two required occasions during your time at GC – at the end of your first year and after Study-Service Term (SST). You will also receive email prompts throughout the year – at the beginning of the academic year to capture summer activities, and at the end of each semester to document your most recent experiences.

Activities to Track

  • Significant paid work positions (minimum three hours per week)
  • Not-for-credit internship
  • Performing Arts, such as music ensembles and theater productions
  • Intercollegiate athletics (not intramurals)
  • Community voluntary service
  • National associations (student membership)
  • Professional conferences, workshops or webinars
  • Scholarships, awards and honors
  • Institutional committees

For further instructions, watch a step-by-step video