First P’teah Goshen Night Wednesday

Last evening (Wednesday evening) was the first P’teah Goshen gathering. Ann cooked up two batches of homemade chili (one a vegetarian version, one with meat), and that was supplemented with hard-to-find tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, salsa, crackers, bananas, and ice cream. Students gathered at the Graber Miller apartment (P’teah Goshen) shortly after our afternoon lecture about the French Protectorate and Cambodian Independence, and stayed through the evening.

In addition to the meal, the evening included a reflection by Sara K that was based on a perspectives piece she wrote for this week’s Record. The group sang hymns together, evaluated some of the initial lectures and Khmer classes, and processed other business of the week.

This morning (Thursday) students are in Khmer class, and at 1 p.m. we’ll go to purchase bikes for all of those ready to leave behind tuk-tuks and moto riding. A few students might wait a week to tackle navigating Phnom Penh by bike.

Several students have had the usual cross-cultural stomach bugs, but all have recovered within a few hours and are continuing to engage well language classes, lectures, families, and Cambodian culture.