Students Arrive Safely in Phnom Penh

Students arrived safely in Phnom Penh this evening, a bit bedraggled after the 29-hour journey but awfully chipper, nonetheless. After receiving their welcome packets and taking a look over the city from the rooftop view, they’re now resting in a downtown hotel. Tomorrow morning we’ll have a lovely buffet breakfast and then a swim and orientation session, lunch in the restaurants around the hotel, and then continued family orientation with our local assistants, Neang Nana and Sen Marya. Nana and Marya will talk about living with Cambodian families while we take a driving tour of the city.

At 5 p.m., we’ll arrive at our apartment complex, and 19 host families will be there to pick up their students.

The students were grateful for the warm send-off at GC yesterday morning, with perhaps 200 people present to wish them well as they traveled. More SST Cambodia blogging to come in the busy days ahead.