Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Task Force

DEI Task
2018-19 DEI Task Force, left to right (Back): Josefina Castillo (student), Rustin Nyce (staff), Colleen Geier (faculty), Sally Ponce (staff), Jose Ramirez (student), Richard Aguirre (staff), Becca Choi (student), Deborah Tshidimu (student); (Front) Ameera Alshuga (student), José Chiquito Galván (student), Beth Martin Birky (2018-19 co-chair), Dominique Burgunder-Johnson (2018-19 co-chair), David Lind (faculty). Not pictured: Jace Longenecker (student)


In January 2018, Goshen College President Dr. Rebecca Stoltzfus issued a mandate for the creation of a Task Force to focus on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion within the campus community.

President Stoltzfus provided the following two year draft charge for the Task Force:

  1. Communicate and make visible Goshen College’s ongoing work in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  2. Identify what GC is currently doing to promote an inclusive and equitable campus experience for all members of our community — and how well we are doing so.
  3. Propose ways to improve our effectiveness in being a more inclusive and equitable campus, including identification of what new resources and changes should be considered.

The Task Force was led and facilitated by two co-chairs for 2019-20,  Dr. LaKendra Hardware and Dr. David Lind. In addition to the two co-chairs, membership of the Task Force consisted of 12 students, staff and faculty from across campus. Following a self-nomination and community affirmation process, general Task Force members were selected by the Task Force co-chairs in collaboration with President Stoltzfus and a selection process overseer.

>> Read their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force 2020 Report and Recommendations (July 20, 2020 – Submitted By 2019-2020 Co-Chairs: Dr. David Lind & Dr. LaKendra Hardware)

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