Arusha / visit with MCC staff

[Students have just started the service portion of SST. We’re looking back at our journey from Dar es Salaam to the Mara Region, via Arusha, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and the Ikoma cultural center.]

Rising early Monday, we took the 7 AM bus from Dar to Arusha–a trip of about 12 hours.

The next day we spent with MCC staff in Arusha, as well as several Goshen College grads living in the area.  MCC is partnering with local organizations to work on conservation agriculture, special education, and education and health initiatives for women. It was encouraging to hear MCC’s practical experience and approaches to the development challenges that we had discussed in general terms in Dar.

We also got together informally with Indigo Miller and Laura Krabill, two GC graduates (and past Tanzania SSTers) who came back this year to serve in Tanzania.

Arusha is also a major tourism destination:  Safaris to the Serengeti or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro can be organized here, and we noticed a greater foreign presence on the streets of Arushan compared to Dar.