The Wolof name for a traditional tea ceremony, which originated in Mauritania and migrated south with the Wolof culture. Traditionally there are three cups of tea, so friends, family and guests have time to converse. Each cup of tea is different, beginning with a potent taste and concluding with a milder and sweeter flavor.

Car Rapide

“Car Rapide” is the main type of public transit in Dakar,. These blue and yellow buses can hold upwards of 35 people at one time. It is impressive considering they are about the size of a conversion van. In Thiès the main transport is taxi and horse cart. “Sept-place” and buses are used to travel throughout the country. “Sept-place” are station wagons carrying seven passengers.


The national sport in Sénégal, this traditional wrestling garners plenty of attention throughout the country. The matches are covered on television and the stadiums are always packed. Two wrestlers contend with each other until one of the opponents is forced to the ground. The outfits resemble the simple and minimal garments used by Japan’s Sumo wrestlers; however, the athletes more closely resemble American boxers in build. To add to the comparison, a well-known wrestler in Sénégal is named Mike Tyson.


Wolof word for the traditional music in Sénégal, this music uses polyrhythmic percussion, with drums like the jembe and a smaller version of the jembe held under the arm. Mbalax also has dramatic vocal harmonies. The most well-known pop singers in Sénégal, including Youssou N’Dor, use Mbalax for their songs.