Warren Brown

Professor Warren S. Brown is Professor of Psychology at the Graduate School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary where he is the Founding Director of the Travis Research Institute.

He is a research neuropsychologist/neuroscientist interested in the cognitive and psychosocial impact of a congenital brain malformation (agenesis of the corpus callosum and hemispherectomy), and has coauthored over 100 peer reviewed scientific articles.

He is also author/coauthor of many theoretical articles and chapters on neuroscience, philosophy, and Christian theology, as well as 5 books:

  • Whatever Happened to the Soul (edited with Nancey Murphy and H. Newton Malony)
  • Did My Neurons Make Me Do It? (with Nancey Murphy)
  • Neuroscience, Psychology and Religion (with Malcolm Jeeves)
  • The Physical Nature of Christian Life (with Brad Strawn)
  • Enhancing Christian Life (with Brad Strawn).