Why we are proud: Pride Month & Goshen College

During this Pride Month, we at Goshen College celebrate the lives, love and impact of our LGBTQIA+ students, employees and alumni.


We know that Goshen College, for most of its history, has not celebrated or even accepted our queer students and colleagues. I am grateful that the Goshen College Board of Directors adopted a new non-discrimination policy in 2015. But I also know that Goshen College harmed many of you through our past policies and actions. I am truly sorry. And we know that we have more work to do as we seek to be a truly inclusive community. We are committed to continue to learn, grow and change.


I am proud of the queer and ally students, employees and alumni who were brave and persistent in calling for change over many years, and for those of you who continue to challenge us to become more just, inclusive and equitable. Thank you!


We seek to offer full support and inclusion to our LGBTQIA+ students and colleagues, and we celebrate who God made you to be — your gender, your relationships, and your love for others.


On campus and in my travels as Goshen College president, I have had the privilege to meet and to talk with many of you, listen to your stories — painful and hopeful. I am regularly filled with pride for who you are and how you make our world better and brighter with your rainbow of gifts and talents.


Keep shining and speaking your truth. We are proud of you.

Rebecca Stoltzfus