Back Together Again

Early this morning, students began converging on Casa Goshen laden with suitcases and stories to swap. Weary travelers from Ayacucho and Arequipa arrived first, after a long night on the bus, followed by their friends from Chincha a few hours later. The students from Cusco landed shortly after and by 2:00 pm, all members of our unit were accounted for, and enjoying some brunch, turning in assignments and catching up with their unit mates. The rest of the day was spent repacking, visiting Lima host families and resting at the hostel. In the evening, everyone returned to Casa Goshen for their final meal prepared by Alicia. We are grateful for the safe return of every member of our group and for the experiences they have had in the provinces these last six weeks. On Friday morning, we leave for a three-day retreat where we can relax, spend time with each other, and reflect further on what we have experienced during our time in Perú and what experiences await us back at home in the U.S.