Service Visits: Chanchamayo

Seven students are serving in Chanchamayo, a province located on the eastern side of the Andes, where the the mountains begin to descend into the Amazon. This area, known as ‘high jungle’ or ‘eyebrow of the jungle’, is well-known for its citrus and coffee production and is home to waterfalls, cloud forests, and an abundance of wildlife.

Tessa, Rachel and Talia are living in the town of San Ramón. Tessa is working at Clínica Elera, a private clinic that offers a wide variety of medical services and health screenings. Rachel works at Puesto de Salud Naranjal, a small public health clinic in the more rural town of Naranjal. Talia is working at INABIF, a government-run center supporting at-risk children, adolescents and seniors.

Pamela and Lydia live a short drive away in the city of La Merced. Pamela is assisting in a 2nd grade classroom at Institución Educativa Capelito, a public primary school. Lydia is working at Fundo San José, a nature reserve and lodge dedicated to conservation and sustainable tourism.

Harrison and Aidan are living in San Miguel, an Asháninka community about an hour drive from La Merced that welcomes visitors to live with them. The Asháninka are the largest indigenous group in the Amazonian region of Perú. Harrison and Aidan teach English to students in the community’s primary and secondary school.