Week 6: From Study to Service, February 19-24

At Lugar de la Memoria museum on Tuesday, students learned about the violent struggles in Peru from 1980 to 2000.On the museum’s roof terrace overlooking the ocean, the group pondered the impact of this difficult period on the people and places they are learning to know in Peru. For their last day of Spanish class, Professor Ana’s group decided to honor her with a bouquet from the market.Wednesday’s grand event, La Despedida, featured treats prepared by the students for a farewell party in the church garden at Buen Pastor. Students performed in Spanish a 3-act skit about their lives in Lima, and then served snacks to their families and teachers.Thursday and Friday were devoted to orientation and preparation for Service, the next 6-week phase of SST.  Students traveled Friday night and Saturday by bus and plane to their new homes and volunteer locations. Five are in La Merced, five in Ayacucho, two in Arequipa, and six in Cusco.  Thank God, all traveled safely!