Overnight trip to Cono Sur – Part 2

Saturday, May 20.

On Saturday morning we had our main activity, working in bio-huertas, or urban gardens, where those in surrounding low-income neighborhoods use vacant lots to grow fruit and vegetables.  A video, From the Earth to the Pot, describes several bio-huertas in Lima, including the one we worked at.  The project organizer, Senora Gregorio (seen at 8:44 and 14:30 in the video), told us that the land under powerlines could not be used for homes, and so had instead become a large, uncontrolled garbage field.  They cleared out all the trash and got assistance from the power company to buy plants and water for converting the lifeless area into a green, life-giving oasis.  The project continues to expand, putting more vacant land “under the plow,” and previous SST groups as well as ours have been privileged to help.  As Sra. Gregoria explained the history of the project, it was evident that without her organizational skills, especially the ability to empower women, the near-miraculous transformation of desert to garden would not have happened.