The Retreat

A semester full of learning, service and adventure closed with a three-day retreat at a beach named Kauai.  We began with final project presentations featuring research done while on service.  The topics included:

  • Ají Peppers
  • The Day of the Dead
  • The Hearing Impaired in Peru
  • The Exciting World of Ceramics
  • Food and Culture in the Rain Forest
  • An Exercise in Dialect
  • All Saints Day
  • Cuy, What?
  • Water, Water, Water
  • The Earthquake in Yungay — 1970
  • The Ashaninkas

On Sunday we worshipped, discussed each student’s service assignment and relaxed on the beach.  On our last day we talked about re-entry into North American culture.  Afterward we returned to Lima for one last evening before heading home.