July 2021

Contents of Volume XCIV

July 2021 Number Three

In This Issue
Overview by John D. Roth, editor

In Memoriam: Hans J. Hillerbrand (1934-2020)
In Memoriam: Theron F. Schlabach (1933-2021)

Rediscovering Melchior Rinck
  Stuart Murray

Believing in Baptism: Competing Understandings of Baptism in Electoral Saxony, 1525-1585
  Kat Hill

Mediator or Sequester?  Thomas Müntzer’s (Mis)Reading of Tertullian’s Theology of Divinization
  Roger Drinnon

Research Note: Recovering the Story of Bertha Leaman, Ph.D. (1893-1975), an Early Mennonite Woman Historian
  Lydia M. Nolt and Steven M. Nolt

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Soto Albrecht, Elizabeth, and Darryl W. Stephens, eds. Liberating the Politics of Jesus: Renewing Peace Theology through the Wisdom of Women.
  Reviewed by Melanie A. Howard

Johnson-Weiner, Karen M. The Lives of Amish Women.
  Reviewed by Katherine Jellison

Kasdorf, Julia Spicher, Christopher Reed, and Joyce Henri Robinson, eds.  Field Language: The Painting and Poetry of Warren and Jane Rohrer.
  Reviewed by Magdalene Redekop

Ames, Alexander Lawrence. The Word in the Wilderness: Popular Piety and the Manuscript Arts in Early Pennsylvania.
  Reviewed by Simone Horst

Roberts, Laura Schmidt, Paul Martens, and Myron A. Penner, eds. Recovering from the Anabaptist Vision.
  Reviewed by Gerald J. Mast

Unger, Andrew. Once Removed.
  Reviewed by Robert Zacharias

Cates, James A. Serpent in the Garden: Amish Sexuality in a Changing World.
  Reviewed by Natalie Jolly

Martinuzzi, Christopher, ed. Thomas Müntzer: Scritti, lettere e frammenti.
Vannini, Marco, ed. Hans Denck: Scritti religiosi.
Tartaro, Fabrizio, ed. Menno Simons: Fondamento della dottrina Cristiana.
  Reviewed by Martin Rothkegel

Assmann, Reinhard, and Martin Rothkegel, eds. Eine freie Kirche in einer freien Gesellschaft: Freikirchliche Perspektiven auf das Verhältnis von Kirche und Staat.
  Reviewed by Joel Driedger

Book Notes
Sawatzky, Roland M., and Andrea M. Dyck. A Collected History: Mennonite Heritage Museum.
  Noted by Ervin Beck