The Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism manages numerous initiatives designed to connect global church members to each other and to relevant scholarship.

Research, Education, Preservation

  • The ISGA does ongoing research and publication about global Anabaptist histories and contexts. A recent focus has been Indonesia due to the quickly approaching Mennonite World Conference assembly—Indonesia 2022. The most recent book written by ISGA director John D. Roth,  A Cloud of Witnesses: Celebrating Indonesian Mennonites, weaves together the stories of Indonesian history, Dutch missionary work in Java, and the indigenous Christian movements that sprang to life in the midst of this. The book also includes travel tips, notes on language/culture, and several recipes, and can serve as a travel guide for those attending Indonesia 2022. Before this, the ISGA edited and published The Way of the Gospel in the World of Java: A History of the Muria Javanese Mennonite Church (GITJ), written by Sigit Heru Sukoco and Lawrence M. Yoder. This book gives a more detailed account of the history of Muria Javanese Mennonite Church (GITJ), which is one of three strands of the Indonesian Anabaptist church. See our Publications and Purchase pages for more information on past and present projects and purchasing information.
  • A current ISGA project on “Anabaptist Baptism in Ecumenical Conversation” has been made possible by grant funding from the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship and partnerships with Mennonite World Conference and Mennonite Church USA. This project seeks to make recent ecumenical and theological dialogues about baptism accessible to regular church members. The project will involve informational webinars, in person seminars, and a study guide for churches about baptism. Recordings of the webinars are available to watch Here and a special issue of the Mennonite World Conference Courier about baptism is available Here (these links include translations into Spanish and French).
  • In a recent preservation project, the ISGA supported the work of Costa Rican historian Jaime Prieto Valladarez to digitize recordings he made of interviews with Latin American Anabaptist church leaders. These interviews were conducted as a part of his research for a volume detailing the histories of Latin American Anabaptist churches. These recordings have now been digitized, remastered, and preserved, and are available to those interested in learning from this research.
  • The “A Day in the Life of the Global Anabaptist Church” project was initiated to collect, archive, and make public photos and videos of Anabaptist Churches. We hope these glimpses or “snapshots” of churches around the world can help people gain a visual sense of the places and spaces of worship of our fellowship in different parts of the world.
  • The Anabaptist History Today (AHT) website is a groundbreaking collaborative storytelling project. The ISGA, along with 15 other Anabaptist-Mennonite organizations, is calling on Anabaptist-Mennonite groups to share their experiences during the remarkable historical, biological, and social events of 2020. Contributors may share their experiences through a variety of media, including videos, audio recordings, photos, journal entries, artwork, poetry and personal reflections.
  • The Mennonite World Conference Global Anabaptist Profile is a survey of faith and practices (along with basic demographic information) of 25 selected groups, based on the MWC “Shared Convictions” and supported by a series of interviews. The project, completed in the summer of 2015, is the first systematic study of MWC member churches.
  • logowideredThe Bearing Witness Stories Project is a collaborative, web-based effort to gather stories of faithful witness to Christ in the face of persecution and suffering. The project, which counts on participation from at least five different Anabaptist traditions, may be thought of as a “Martyrs’ Mirror for the 21st Century.” Visit the Bearing Witness Stories Project website to learn more about the project and to read excerpts from the current collection.
  • Texts in Translation is an effort to make creative theological and historical work from outside North America accessible to new readers, in recognition of the careful, creative reflection on matters of faith and identity that is happening around the world.

Digital Resourcing, Archiving, and Networking

  • La Biblioteca Digital Anabautista les ofrece a estudiantes y pastores de la identidad anabautista en Latinoamérica y Norteamérica unos recursos electrónicos de los siguientes temas: Anabautismo, Análisis del Contexto, Estudios Bíblicos, Historia, Ministerios Cristianos, Paz y Justicia, y Teologia. English translation: The Anabaptist Digital Library offers students and pastors of Anabaptist identity in Latin America and North America electronic resources on the following topics: Anabaptism, Context Analysis, Biblical Studies, History, Christian Ministries, Peace and Justice, and Theology.
  • The Global Anabaptist Wiki is a user-generated global archives where church members can post information about their group in the language of choice with space for photos, articles, curriculum, and other resources. We have recently begun adding audio and video material from around the world.
  • The Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online provides reliable and freely-available information on Anabaptist-related congregations, denominations, conferences, institutions, and significant individuals, as well as historical and theological topics. Secular Articles from an Anabaptist perspective and full-text source documents are also included. GAMEO is overseen by the ISGA, and the institute’s director, John D. Roth, serves as the project’s general editor.