Doug Schirch

Professor of Chemistry

Doug Schirch


  • BA, Goshen College, 1982
  • PHD, Michigan State University, 1987

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Chem 100, Chemistry World

An introduction to chemistry in our society for non-science majors. The course is a hands-on laboratory course based on important and intriguing problems from the world around us. Topics may include forensics, biochemical, environmental, household, medicinal and nuclear chemistry. Modern instruments and analysis will be used to collect and discuss data. Lectures and laboratory. Prerequisite: one year of high school algebra.

Chem 101, Chemistry and Physics of Life

Designed for non-chemistry majors. Chem 101 gives students a condensed foundation of chemistry principles. Lectures and laboratory.

Chem 103, Chemistry and Health

The study of organic and biochemistry, along with applications of biology, health care, and other fields, will be used to understand a public health problem such as malaria. The fundamentals of organic and biochemistry will be learned in the context of reducing infectious agents, protecting people from infection, detecting infections, and pharmaceutical treatments for diseases. A laboratory component will involve chemical experimentation, research skills, experimental design, and communication of results. Collaborative learning will be used in the laboratory. Prerequisite: two semesters of high school chemistry with grades of B- or higher or Chem 101.

Chem 200, Analytical Chemistry

Quantitative analysis using traditional and instrumental methods. Lectures and laboratory.

Chem 220, Human Nutrition

A study of the nutritive needs of the body in normal stages of growth and development, food sources of nutrients, nutrient functions, nutrition in clinical practice, and an emphasis on patient teaching.

Chem 303-304, Organic Chemistry*

Covering structure, nomenclature, stereochemistry, and principal reactions for the major functional groups of organic chemistry, this is a one-semester survey course that gives an overview of the field. Laboratory exercises introduce basic purification techniques. Using Chem 303 as a foundation, Chem 304 course presents additional reactions (with an increased emphasis on mechanisms) and material on stereochemistry, as well as introducing spectroscopy (IR, NMR, GC-MS and UV-Vis). Together, the Chem 303-304 sequence covers all topics traditionally covered in two-semester organic chemistry courses. Laboratory experiments teach techniques for organic syntheses, instruments (GC/MS, FT-IR, FT-NMR), and chemical information retrieval.

*Taught as two-cycle organic chemistry. For more information, view my presentation given at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, August 2010.

Chem 430, Biochemistry

Introduction to the chemical processes of living organisms. This course (which complements Biol 307) focuses primarily on proteins (including enzymes) and metabolism, with introductions to carbohydrates, lipids, and cell membranes. Students planning to continue on to graduate programs in medicine, biochemistry, or related fields should take both Chem 430 and Biol 307 to get a solid background in the areas of biochemistry and molecular biology. Lectures and laboratory.

Chem 450, Introduction to Research Problems

The novel anti-tumor agent 3-bromopyruvate.

Participation in distributed drug discovery research.

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Matthew Glick, Perry Biddle, Josh Jantzi, Samantha Weaver, Doug Schirch.  The antitumor agent 3-bromopyruvate has a short half-life at physiological conditions, (2014) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 452 (1), 170-3.

AudioSlides presentation of  The antitumor agent 3-bromopyruvate has a short half-life at physiological conditions.


Leader of Study-Service Term in Nicaragua during the summers of 2008 and 2013

July 2010-present

Professor of Chemistry, Goshen College, Goshen, IN.


Associate Professor of Chemistry, Goshen College, Goshen, IN.


Academic Dean, Ave Maria College of the Americas, Nicaragua.


Associate Professor of Chemistry, Ave Maria College of the Americas, Nicaragua.


Academic Dean, University of Mobile Latin American Campus, Nicaragua.


Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Mobile Latin American Campus, Nicaragua.


Postdoctoral research, Medical College of Virginia.


Team member and Coordinator of Media/Documentation Office, Witness for Peace, Nicaragua.