Cuicocha Lake, Otavalo, and a visit to the Queen of Water

Last week, we went to Otavalo and other places in Northern Ecuador to see the sights, meet people, and learn more about the local culture and history. Otavalo is home to the largest craft market in Latin America, so we had to go see it.

On the way to Cuicocha —Cuy lake— we stopped to take picture at a mirador near Lake San Pablo.
After our conversation with María Virginia, she suggested a photo with the group.

Students read The Queen of Water, a novel based on Virginia Farinango’s life story. In the book—coauthored by Laura Resau— María tells how she lived in conditions of servitude and other hardships, but defined her circumstances to earn an education and overcome adversity. Her book has been a successful publication.


Besides the art workshops, Peguche has a natural park that features trails and waterfalls.