A Whirlwind of History and New Experiences

This first full week was jam packed with an overview of the complex and fascinating history of Ecuador, a visit to a huge marketplace with all kinds of unique foods, and visits to numerous historical sites constructed between 1534 and 1761 in Quito.  The historic center of Quito, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, is jam packed with history; including numerous plazas and more that 15 historic churches.  Students also began Spanish classes and worked hard to absorb the continuous stream of new experiences that come at them each day.  SST is a time of continuous learning and engages all one’s senses.

The group met for the first time of reflection at Casa Goshen, a time of rest, rejuvenation, and bonding with one another.  One of our group members celebrated her birthday here with us (her first international birthday) :).  Our host families have shown tremendous love and care for their newest family members in a variety of ways and have blessed us with their generosity.  Each day brings with it new and unexpected experiences as we continue to walk through this journey of self-discovery together.

Trying new and unusual Ecuadorian Fruits
Climbing the spires on the Basilica.
Together in downtown Quito
Trying new foods
Discussing Ecuadorian History
Happy Birthday Cailin!!
La Capilla del Señor de los Milagros
Relaxing and reflecting at Casa Goshen
Iglesia San Francisco de Quito
One of many beautiful domes
Time to eat again