Orientation Complete – Home with Host Families

The first days of Ecuador SST are complete….To paraphrase the sentiments of the students – each day is so full of newness, sights, sounds, language, and landscape that each one feels as though it carries with it a week’s worth of experiences.  As our third day together comes to a close, students are safely home with their host families, beginning the journey of communicating complex thoughts and feelings in an unfamiliar language with new family members.

These were the first of many beautiful days of processing together all the newness that is around us and reflecting on how each of us define our own identity and place in this world.  We are reminded of how little control we have over our own circumstances and of the peace that comes from relying on God and those around us to carry us through when our strength seems insufficient.  As the sun sets and the clouds pour like steam over the mountain’s edge, we rejoice in the ever strengthening bonds that will weave us together in this experience known as SST….

Studying map of Quito together
Basilica del Voto Nacional
Virgen de El Panecillo – Tallest Aluminum Sculpture in the World
Feet of the Virgin
Stained Glass in the Basilica
Olivia and Family
Siana and Family
Cailin and Family
Dianna and Family
Ariana and Family
Brighton and Family
Clouds rolling over the mountain’s edge…sun setting on our 3rd day in Quito….