March 24, 2009



By Bryce Bow, senior physical education major from Muncie, Ind.
SCRIPTURE: Jeremiah 31:31-34 (NRSV)Scroll down for complete Scripture.

DEVOTIONAL: Francis Collins, an American-physicist and engineer, and also the head of the Human Genome Project, wrote a book about his work called The Language of God. He writes that, through his work and study of the intricate details and specifics of the human body including genes and DNA, it is clear that the mark of God has been written all over us.

Speaker and author Louie Giglio would agree. During his nationwide tour with well-known Christian musician Chris Tomlin titled How Great is our God, Louie brought the American public’s attention to a very peculiar molecule in the human body: Laminin. Laminin is actually a protein adhesion molecule, meaning it is responsible for holding you together right now. It’s the rebar, the glue, which is literally holding all of your skin on, holding the linings of your organs on, and basically keeping you from being a pile of bones and flesh on the ground. If you’ve never “Googled” Laminin, I suggest you do so immediately. Pretty cool, huh? Right now, as you sit here, you have thousands of tiny crosses holding you together; it’s almost like God put His stamp on each of us.

When Jeremiah says “…and write it on their hearts,” I immediately thought about these current findings of science. It’s almost like this isn’t just figurative language, but rather that the law, language and essence of God actually is imprinted on the deepest and most detailed makings of our being. It is written on us. You and I are walking masterpieces of God’s love and creativity, beings so complicated and detailed that there literally is no other person in the universe exactly like us. No one.

And what does this God ask for in return? “Follow me,” He says. “Follow me.” He wants a free and personal relationship. He wants not only our trust and love, but our pain and hurt too. He wants it all.

I don’t know about you, but I say “amen” to that. After all, it’s who I am; it’s stamped, imprinted and written all over my being.


SCRIPTURE: Jeremiah 31:31-34 (NRSV)

The days are surely coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. It will not be like the covenant that I made with their ancestors when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt—a covenant that they broke, though I was their husband, says the Lord. But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. No longer shall they teach one another, or say to each other, ‘Know the Lord’, for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest, says the Lord; for I will forgive their iniquity, and remember their sin no more.



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  1. Good morning and thank you Bryce, I did google LAMININ and learned more and more. Thank you for this great lesson, that one word gives me new understanding of the scriptures. Thank you.

    Pam Harrison March 24, 2009 |
  2. Never even knew that laminin existed, you can be sure that I will Google it and find out more about another way God acts in my life without me even being aware of it, or at least not up until now! Thank you.

    Karen Flaherty March 24, 2009 |
  3. Thanks, Bryce, for these thoughtful and inspiring words.

    Keith Graber Miller March 24, 2009 |
  4. Thanks, Bryce, for introducing me to laminin this morning. The concept of being held together by God is not new to me, but I tended to think of it in figurative terms. To learn about the purpose and shape of laminin gives me goose-bumps! I work with the human body on a daily basis – I’m a massage therapist -and am awed by the amazing gift God has given each of us. The Bible verse most frequently quoted by people on my massage table is, “We are fearly and wonderfully made.”

    Lynda Hollinger-Janzen March 24, 2009 |
  5. Bryce, your comments are very informative and thought provoking. I appreciated your personal identification with what you wrote. I marvel at how God made us. To believe in suuch a God is a lot easier than to believe there is no God. Praise be to God.

    Harold E. Bauman March 24, 2009 |
  6. Have you ever heard Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, “Fingerprints of God”? Today’s reflection reminded me of this song. SCC says we are “covered” with the fingerprints of God…what a beautiful thought. In today’s world it is easy to feel ugly, not good enough, etc, but when you think of yourself as covered with God’s fingerprints, it is easy to feel loved and beautiful–how could God create anything less!?

    Jennifer March 24, 2009 |
  7. When we do not understand we called it figurative?Maybe more of the figuratives are actualities. Thanks for opening up that idea.

    Ruth March 24, 2009 |
  8. very thought provoking and worship leading. something i do not do enough of: worship. thanks for the inspiration and new vocabulary addtion! please forgive the journalisitc/writing transgressions

    Randy Springer March 24, 2009 |
  9. thats VERY interestign. Thank you.

    Ann March 24, 2009 |
  10. Bryce, you walked through science into my heart. These were helpful words for someone who struggles at times with the intersection of science and religion.


    Barry Weaver March 24, 2009 |
  11. Our bodies are truly maasterpieces of God”’s handiwork. As I was reading te above I thought of Psalllm 139 where David speaks of how we were knit together.

    Ilva Nafziger March 24, 2009 |
  12. I was blest to see the important place this cross (Laminim) has in holding my body together. And it is truly the cross event of Jesus that holds my spirit and soul together daily. Thanks for sharing this.

    Wayne D. Lawton March 24, 2009 |
  13. I once felt God gave me a word calling Jesus the glue that held all things together. Then I memorized Colossians 1:17, “He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” Isn’t it amazing how the Bible is ‘truer’ with each new understanding? thanks, Bryce.

    Jean Martin March 24, 2009 |
  14. powerful, deepest thanks, stu

    stu buisch March 25, 2009 |
  15. Truly amazing! Thanks, Bryce. Someone else told me about Laminin a few months ago. I was amazed then and still am how God brings everything together!

    Warren March 25, 2009 |
  16. I’m in such awe that a God responsible for creating the Universe and Laminin wants a loving relationship with us and went through so much trouble to make it possible as the Old Testament and the New Testament testifies.

    Jerry March 25, 2009 |
  17. Beautifully written, Bryce. I especially appreciated the intimacy of your metaphors: how close, how intricate, how embedded, how molecular and grand, how woven into our fabric is the love of God. Truly inspiring! Thank you.

    Jim Brenneman, President, Goshen College March 26, 2009 |
  18. Your meditation touched me. I, too, am inspired by our bodies God creted and the mystery of it all. Thank you.

    Esther Heatwole March 26, 2009 |
  19. Kudos Bryce for faithfully sharing this. Someone emailed it to me. I had the privilege of seeing this live on the tour. Our church is now studying the whole message that Louie Giglio gives. Laminin is very cool. He also reveals other equally awe-inspiring things from science.

    Jeff Rayburn March 27, 2009 |
  20. Are you surprised your devotion is being read in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada?

    God sends us nice confirmations that we are His children although not all others would recognize it as such. Much the same as a very familiar couple gives each other “the look” at a party. Both members of the couple understand “it’s time to go” even if no one else recognizes it. It’s fine with me if colleages believe the cross shape is coincidence. To me, God just gave me “the look.”
    Mim (Grasse) Kunz

    Miriam Kunz April 5, 2009 |
  21. Hello Bryce,

    It is Eric from ShowMetheFacts. I tried to respond to your e-mail, but it bounced back. I will be posting my reply on the website.

    This is the only way I could think of to possibly get a hold of you. I apologize for any inconvenience.


    Eric April 16, 2009 |
  22. Bryce, your comments are very informative and thought provoking. I appreciated your personal identification with what you wrote. I marvel at how God made us. To believe in suuch a God is a lot easier than to believe there is no God. Praise be to God.

    chris April 25, 2011 |